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Following the Charge

Following the Charge

William Muhlenburg was an 18th century Episcopal clergyman and educator often considered the father of church schools in the United States. He believed the development of character was paramount for a youth to achieve academic excellence. Following the charge of Muhlenburg, Episcopal schools seek to furnish the heart as well as the head with tools to prepare students for successful futures through meaningful learning experiences.

Established as an Episcopal school in 1955, St. Cyprian’s Episcopal School has become well known in east Texas for education practices that reflect expectations and values that mirror the education Muhlenburg  visioned would bring about great change in the world. He intended for schools to live their mission by teaching students to resist evil, proclaim in word deed the Good News of the gospels, seek and serve neighbors, strive for justice and peace and respect every human’s dignity. All of this in addition to seeking a high standard of knowledge and learning  through highly academic programs.

On February 15, 2019,  St. Cyprian’s Episcopal School will celebrate the 20th year of Bayou Bash, a coming together with school families and community friends for an evening of dining and fundraising to assist in closing the gap of funding for the school. This event helps to keep tuition rates reasonable and affordable for families seeking a Christian education with a high standard of academic offerings and a focus on developing character. Funds raised on this night also assist to make scholarships available if there is a need. As a nonprofit organization, the school depends on fundraising, gifts, and endowments to close the financial gap. St. Cyprian’s tuition generates about 65% of the cost to educate a child in the state of Texas according to the National Education Association.

An Episcopal education is characterized by a diverse group of learners shaped by various cultures, socio-economic groups and beliefs Students develop an understanding of complimentary faith and reason of what God can accomplish in their lives. Teachers and parents are partners in developing a shared responsibility for student progress and fueling each child’s  passion for learning. There is a feeling that what we are trying to accomplish here matters and has worth and value far beyond the school year.

Our goal is to prepare our students for their future which includes developing their moral compass and learning to be compassionate leaders with a vision for the future, while we attend to their developing needs. If you would like to join us for the 20th annual Bayou Bayou Bash fundraising event at the Pitser Garrison Convention Center on February 15 6:30 to 9:30, call 936-632-1720 for more details. If you want to know more about an Episcopal education, take a look at our website at If you would like to see the daily excitement and amazing things taking place at our school, call for a tour. Muhlenburg’s philosophy is alive and well at St. Cyprian’s Episcopal School.

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