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Mountains of collected canned goods, children singing Super Turkey in the hallways and teachers coordinating feast days to replicate the first Thanksgiving assure us November 28 is near. 

Upper school students are focused on service projects. Weekly scripture topics reflect thankfulness for all God has provided and the importance of gratitude in our lives. Leaves are finally changing color and there is a promise of winter in the air. Thanksgiving Day  will be here soon.

In the words of Henry Van Dyke, esteemed author, Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural  impulse to express that feeling. This is the time of year when gratitude and thankfulness are most in our hearts and minds. 

Here at St. Cyprians we are thankful for our teachers and their passion for teaching that drew them to our classrooms. I can assure you, each one has a heart to serve in this institution and a personal purpose to use their gifts as educators to shape the lives of children academically and spiritually for happy and successful futures.

Families in our community who have a St. Cyprian’s connection usually have a favorite story about the school to share. Whether they relate class trip escapades and presidential sightings or bake sales of never ending chicken and spaghetti, there is always a happy ending and a smile that follows. We are blessed to have families past and present who are partners in the education of their children.

Our students, both former and present love their school. As we welcome graduating seniors back at the end of the school year to be honored with a luncheon, they seek out their previous teachers and reunite as if time had not moved on. It is always evident the bond of care and respect remain unchanged. 

It is not unusual to have former students in town to visit family or on a business trip  stop by just to walk the hallways and peek into their former classrooms. One young man asked if he could just walk in the halls again. It is always affirming to listen as they reflect on their school experience and how it made a difference in their lives.

Individuals have supported St. Cyprian’s since 1955 with their gifts, time, and prayers. We have grown from a small home preschool formed by mothers seeking to give their children a solid start on their education journey to a fulfillment of a vision held by Fr. John Caskey. 

As the new rector for St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church, he believed  families should have the opportunity to educate their children in a Christian setting with small classes and outstanding learning experiences. 

There are no words to describe appreciation for those who have believed in our mission in the past and those who continue to recognize the important role the school plays in our community.

John F. Kennedy said it best, We must take time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives. From all of us at St. Cyprian’s Episcopal School, we extend our gratitude and thankfulness for each of you who are part of our school’s life and history. We wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.


Dr. Sherry Durham


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