Success Stories

“From the moment we first walked into the school, we were impressed…”

Last year my husband began interviewing for several jobs around the country. Along with the many decisions involved with relocation was whether or not we could find a good private school for our daughter, Abby. Abby has always attended a private Christian school in the Dallas area. We wanted to continue her education in a school of equal or higher standards. When the job search narrowed to the Lufkin area we looked at several schools and decided on St. Cyprian’s. From the moment we first walked into the school, we were impressed by the professionalism and kindness of the staff. It was quickly apparent to us that St. Cyprian’s not only had high academic and ethical standards but also encouraged their students to be creative and independent thinkers. Finding a school the quality of St. Cyprian’s was a major reason my husband and I chose to move to Lufkin. Abby has attended St. Cyprian’s since early January. We observe daily her continued excitement and see the genuine interest her teachers take in her education and overall development.

Mary Kistner, Abby’s Mom


Anna Catherine’s transition:

Although there is some underlying “fear and trembling” when students
leave the familiarity of St. Cyprian’s it is soon replaced with the
excitement of meeting a new challenge and expanding their world
view. I feel St. Cyprian’s students have embraced their middle
school experiences because they know who they are and where they
stand! They are bombarded with situations they may have never
encountered, but seem to navigate them well based on their inner
strength, sense of self, and understanding that they are a child of God.

On Anna Catherine in particular I would say:

St. Cyprian’s has given our child an incredible foundation -
spiritually and academically - to take flight! It equipped her with
the emotional and educational tools to soar in the classroom, in the
hallways and on the playing field - and she has. St. Cyprian’s
students seem to have well developed character traits, study skills
as well as an innate desire to learn, achieve and lead. I credit the
teachers and the environment they create for fostering that sense of
possibility and promise in our daughter. When faced with a
challenge, she knows how to dig deep, pray intently and work hard to
overcome it. St. Cyprian’s has prepared her for life and for that we
are truly grateful.

Max and Sally Alvis, Anna Catherine’s Parents


RE: Our St. Cyprian’s “Success Story”

Dear Sherry:

Where do I begin? St. Cyprian’s School has meant more to our family than I can ever hope to adequately express in words. This school—-this home—-this family—shaped my sons in ways that will last a lifetime. It is, no doubt, one of the greatest gifts that my husband and I have ever given them!

St. Cyprian’s is not a perfect place. Indeed the “enemy of ‘good’ is ‘better’ ”. But it is a spirit filled environment that allowed our children to explore and learn at an accelerated pace, to succeed and fail with constant encouragement, to trust and share and appreciate differences, and to know and see God at work beyond our home and church. More than anything else, St. Cyprian’s allowed the fruits of our labor as parents to safely take root and to develop slowly and consistently over 8 years. By the time they “graduated”, Doug and Reed had a solid understanding of who they were, what they were capable of, how to discern right from wrong and what it meant to be a true friend. They were ready for just about anything that anyone could think to throw at them.

The transition from St. Cyprian’s School to Lufkin Middle School was relatively seamless for all of us. Yes, LMS is a big place. Yes, it is filled with kids who don’t share the opportunities and values that St. Cyprian’s offered our sons. No, things don’t always work out the way you wish they would. But middle school is the first of a many bridges to “real world independence” and our sons have stepped up to the challenge with confidence and have done beautifully. They (and virtually all of their SCES friends) are at the very top of their classes academically. Their work ethic and desire to do “their very best” sets all of the SCES kids apart from peers who are satisfied with doing just well enough to keep their parents happy. The SCES kids are adaptable, hard working, friendly, leaders and, in time, most gain the respect and friendship of kids across many different social circles

Since graduating from SCES, I have never, ever felt that our sons were unprepared academically or otherwise. However, I seemed to worry about that constantly when they were at St. Cyprian’s. There were years when I thought—-“This is it. I can’t have another year where a teacher leaves or the curriculum isn’t followed or there is child who is such a distraction that no one can learn.”——But something told me to stick it out and to be patient; that the cumulative good would eventually add up and shine through. I was right! I am so glad that we stayed and I will be forever grateful for not only the outstanding education, but also the intangibles that St. Cyprian’s gave our sons—-self worth, faith, compassion, the desire to succeed, respect for authority, good friends, a moral barometer, the list goes on and on…

Bless you and many thanks for all that you have done for our family.

Respectfully submitted,

Claire Webber McLaurin


“Scott will always have fond memories of his experience at St. Cyprian’s School.”


Scott attended St. Cyprian’s from kindergarten through 5th grade. He also went through the dyslexic program there under the direction and guidance of Mary Gail McCarty. Of course, Terry and I as parents along with Scott had some anxiety about the transition of a private school to a very large middle school. I am happy to say Scott had a successful 6th grade year. The transition was smooth thanks to staff at St. Cyprians and Lufkin Middle School. He was commended on both the Reading and Math Taks this year. Although Scott had a strong language arts teacher and math teacher this year; I attribute alot of his success with reading to the foundation he received from Mrs. McCarty and the dyslexic program at St. Cyprian’s. I also attribute alot of his success with math this year to Mrs. Debbie Owens. Scott attended her after-school tutoring program last year and this year; she made sure those students understood math concepts and kept them ahead of the curriculum. Scott also along with his partner this year, placed first in the Science Fair in the eggnoaut rocket division! We are very proud of Scott and we are pleased with his education he received from St. Cyprian’s. Socially, Scott established strong friendships at St. Cyprian’s that were a source of security and fun for social events this year at middle school.
Scott will always have fond memories of his experience at St. Cyprian’s School.


Susan Morgan



Kendall Beard competed on last season’s American Idol and is now producing an album. She is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.

Beth (Taylor) Guinn is a graduate of Austin College and is an Engineered Film Sales Manager and Marketing Manager for Presco in Sherman.

Cody O’Neal graduated from Texas State University and is working in real estate at Keller Williams in San Antonio.

Matt Taylor is a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University and is a Wildlife Biologist for American Forest Management.

Parker Brody is a junior at the University of Texas at Austin and is majoring in Chemistry with a minor in Business Foundation.

David Byler is a senior at Texas State University in San Marcos and his brother, John, is at Texas A&M University majoring in Architecture.

Scott Glenn graduated from Baylor University and spent a year at the capitol in Austin working for State Representative Jim McReynolds. While in college he studied abroad in Argentina and is now applying for law school.

Sarah (Glenn) Ledine graduated from Baylor with a degree in art. She owns her own graphics design company called Sarah Ledine Designs. She is also student teaching.

Elizabeth Roberts is a junior at University of Texas at Austin majoring in Marketing.

Nikki (Parker) Shoemaker received her Bachelor’s degree and Master’s CPA degree from Stephen F. Austin State University. She is now working toward a PhD in Accounting from North Texas University in Denton.

Brian Ventura is finishing his sophomore year at the California Institute of Technology majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Aerospace Engineering. He will spend his 2nd summer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab.

Jamie Durham has graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with a BA in Political Science. She is currently an Administrative Clerk for State Representative Robert Talton (Pasadena) at his Capitol office in Austin.

Anna Kenley is currently a junior at Baylor University majoring in Child and Family Studies. She volunteers with under privileged children and leads a college-age Bible study group.

Laura Kenley graduated cum laude from Baylor University with a master of Social Work degree. She married John Storm on September 2nd. It is their desire to share the love of Christ in Asia.

Kaela Kenley earned a Business Management degree from Ouachita Baptist University. She and husband Justin Easley have a one-year-old son, Nathan. They manage a travel agency in Turkey where they specialize in Biblical history tours, including the travels of the Apostle Paul.

Garrett Croley is the Student Council Vice President, Choir President, Student of the Month and accepted to all regional choir.

Alexandria Tatum was a Lufkin Middle School Cheerleader, and a High Gold dance soloist. She is the President of the Junior National Honor Society.

Cody Carter graduated Valedictorian of Lufkin High School, and will attend Baylor Univeristy. He is a world traveler: Germany, Austria, Greece, Turkey and Italy.

Kendrick Campbell got accepted to Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire at the age of 10. She is now a pre-med student at Columbia.

Chancey Sanders graduated from Lufkin High School with honors, and currently serves on mission trips in Haiti.

Diana Duke, Kelly Duke, and Haley Duke all got accepted to the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Catherine Roberts graduated from Carnegie Mellon with honors in vocal performance and business.  She will graduate Eastman School of Music in 2015.

Claire Roche received a four year scholarship to the University of Cambridge.

Dillon Osgood is a member of the National Honor Society, and will attend Ole’ Miss.


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