Scholarship Information

Affording a St. Cyprian’s Education

A St. Cyprian’s School education is an investment in your child’s future. It is also a significant financial commitment. St. Cyprian’s independence from local, state and federal governments provides unparalleled opportunities to develop challenging, innovative, and creative educational programs. That independence, however, makes St. Cyprian’s completely dependent on tuition income and other revenue sources (annual giving, major fundraisers, endowment earnings) to support the faculty and the broad range of programs that are offered.

St. Cyprian’s seeks to attract a diverse and talented student body. Our students are our greatest asset and providing them with a superior college-preparatory education in a Christian environment is our primary goal. A student’s ability to contribute to and benefit from the learning process determines his or her admission to St. Cyprian’s—not the family’s economic circumstances. To achieve that end, we are committed to providing financial assistance to qualified students whose families cannot afford our full charges.

In exchange for St. Cyprian’s commitment to a strong financial aid program, the School seeks students from families who are committed to using their own resources to make education a first priority. The School expects each family to stretch its financial resources to meet its portion of the cost of a St. Cyprian’s education.

Financial Aid Policies

Financial aid awards are based on need. “Need” is defined as the difference between the School’s tuition and fees and what the family can reasonably contribute. To determine this need, St. Cyprian’s uses (as do most independent schools) the services of School and Student Service for Financial Aid (S.S.S.), in Princeton, New Jersey. While returning students are given priority, they will also be evaluated for success within our program. The criteria for evaluation include attendance, full participation in classroom activities, tuition payment history, etc.

We are so grateful to have community partners that continue to provide gifts each year that allow us to offer a scholarship program to our 5K-8th grade families. Financial Aid applications are due by April 30, 2016. Again this year, it is an online process. To apply, please log on to http://sssbynais.org/parents. Our School code is 6387. To assist you, the financial aid processor has added a call center number for you to dial in case you have any questions. We realize completing their forms can get tedious; but this truly is the best way to keep the process fair and impartial. The call center number is 1-800-344-8328.  

After you complete the online forms, please print the summary out and deliver to the School Business Office by April 30, 2016. This step is very important. You are also welcome (but not required) to include a letter with any information that you feel may be useful to the Scholarship Committee.  The School Business Manager is the only person on the Scholarship Committee who will know your identity and any names in your letter and/or data will be blanked out. Please know that if you do not turn in your hard copy by the deadline, then you will not be eligible for consideration.

If you have any questions during the process, please feel free to call the School Business Office at 1-936-632-1720.

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