SCES Guild Information

What Is the SCES GUILD?

SCES Guild = Parent Teacher Organization

St. Cyprian’s Guild strives to enhance the overall educational atmosphere of our school. Through this organization, parents actively volunteer their time and talents to enrich the school and its programs. Our SCES Guild volunteers help out in a variety of ways, from assisting teachers with office duties to providing occasional meals for our faculty and staff. Additionally, SCES Guild works to raise much-needed funds for school. Funds raised by SCES Guild have provided the school with new cafeteria tables, picnic tables and classroom funds for each of our teacher.

At St. Cyprian’s School, we work together to involve all parents and grandparents at any level of participation or interest.  We have several volunteer positions and welcome parents to be a part of the ongoing success here at our school.

Without the SCES Guild support, St. Cyprian’s could not have achieved the success it has over the past 50+ years!

How Do I Join the SCES GUILD?

At St. Cyprian’s School, we encourage all parents and grandparents to participate in SCES Guild at any level. There is no formal membership application or fee. All parents and grandparents become eligible for membership when their child is enrolled.

Those interested in SCES Guild are asked to sign-up on various committees at the beginning of the school year. Committees include: Fall Festival, Hospitality, Sally Foster Gift-Wrap Sales, and TAPP. Last, but not least, is St. Cyprian’s legendary Bayou Bash! Volunteers are needed to help with the planning, soliciting and decorating for this fun and exciting event.

sces guild Funded Projects

SCES Guild is truly an integral part of St. Cyprian’s. Funds raised by SCES Guild enhance the school’s programs and facilities. Following is a list of projects that St. Cyprian’s Guild has funded over the years.

  • Provides each teacher with $250/year for classroom use
  • Provides teachers with paper products throughout the year
  • Purchased new tables in the cafeteria
  • Purchased picnic tables
  • Purchased playground equipment
  • Purchased awnings for the school entrances

For more information please email the SCES Guild at SCESGuild@saintcyprians.org.

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