Ways of Giving

Support and Contributions

Thank you for your interest in making a donation to St. Cyprian’s Episcopal School. We appreciate all levels of support and contributions to the school.

Annual Fund Gifts are normally given in the fall in the form of a one-time payment or several payments throughout the school year. Annual fund donations go towards the general needs of the school.

Bequests are another way to support St. Cyprian’s School. If you already have a will, simply ask your attorney to add a codicil to your existing will. You may want to name St. Cyprian’s as a beneficiary in an insurance policy that you no longer need for your family’s security. A bequest to St. Cyprian’s is an investment in minds…our hope for tomorrow.

Endowments are a way to make a permanent gift to St. Cyprian’s School. Contributions can be made to scholarships, the John Caskey Dyslexia Endowment, program support, faculty support and facilities support. Named funds can be established.

Restricted Gifts are earmarked for specific purchases from the operating account. Library books, computers, textbooks, software and capital improvements, have all been obtained for St. Cyprian’s School in this manner. No matter what it is, you can be sure it will have a direct benefit for our students.

Scholarships are a way to ensure a diverse student body. Gifts may be given to provide assistance for current students or to provide future scholarships monies in the scholarship fund.

Gifts Of Remembrance are unique way to remember a loved one, teacher, mentor or child on a special occasion such as birthday or anniversary. Hundreds of our library books have been purchased in this manner.

Memorial Gifts are a meaningful way to remember a deceased love one or friend of the school. These gifts may be designated to benefit various programs at St. Cyprian’s School.

Other Gifts are also appreciated.

The following programs are designed to give a percentage of purchases back to the school:

Target Take Charge of Education – Designate St. Cyprian’s as your school of choice on your Target Visa and Target Guest Card.

Box Tops for Education – Visit http://www.boxtops4education.com and register as a St. Cyprian’s School supporter. The web site offers a list of all participating Box Tops items, monthly drawings, recipes and coupons. Clip Box Tops for Education symbols from your grocery items and donate them to the school.

Land’s End Preferred School – Shop online at http://www.landsend.com for your school uniforms and enter St. Cyprian’s School number 9000-3829-0.

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