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Dyslexia Therapy

The Father John Caskey Dyslexia Center is staffed by certified academic language therapists trained at Neuhaus Education Center. St. Cyprian’s Dyslexia Therapy Program is an alphabetic phonics based program using Basic Language Skills lessons that are designed to provide students with individualized, one-on-one therapy for 45 minutes every day with a Dyslexia Therapist. This multisensory language program contains direct instruction that is systematic and cumulative while integrating the teaching of reading, spelling, and handwriting.  The content of instruction includes phonological awareness, alphabet (sound-symbol) knowledge, oral language development, comprehension strategies, scientific spelling, decoding, fluency, and writing strategies.

Mastery checks are administered strategically and periodically throughout the program and are designed to aid the therapist in planning individualized and prescriptive lesson plans. Each student in our program has an individualized accommodation plan that is closely monitored and followed by therapists and teachers. 

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