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Interim Head of School

Amber Miller

Business Manager

Nicole Brantley

Director of Operations

Alex Fleniken

Director of Public Relations & Admissions

Karlye Lewis

Director of Health Service

Latifah Fleniken MSN, RN

Executive Administrative Assistant

Nettie Aguinaga

Upper School

Science & Math Instructor

Bill Berendsen

Math & Science Instructor

Wenjuan Durham

History Instructor

Julie Farmer

History Instructor

Denise Nicholson

Science Instructor

Wendi Plowman

Math Instructor

Tammy Simms

English Instructor

Kim Vaughan

English Instructor

Sylvia Weathers


Kindergarten Instructor

Brayli Blalock

2nd Grade Instructor

Pat Clos

4th & 5th Grade Instructor

Amy Fain

3rd Grade Instructor

Kim Flores

2nd Grade Instructor

Malee Greenway

1st  Grade Instructor

Shonda Kelsey

4th & 5th Grade Instructor

Kim Malnar

Kindergarten Instructor

Tabitha Temple

1st Grade Instructor

Debbie Vann

3rd Grade Instructor

Noelia Zuniga


4K Instructor

Briana Andrade

3K Instructor

Loraine Dugat

4K Instructor

Judy McKinney

4K Instructor

Shelby Pryor


 Physical Education

Billy Duncan

Technology Director

Alex Fleniken

Spanish Instructor

Cathie Greer

Music / Performing Arts Instructor

Karen Greer

Art Instructor

Becky McKinley

Preschool Enrichment Instructor

Shannon Parmentier

Librarian & GT/DI Coordinator

Bambi Shofner

Athletic Director 

Logan Trevino



Cindy Aldredge


Sharon Stracener


Misty Zeleskey

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