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Christmas Craft

Are you looking for a Christmas craft this season? 🎄

Malee Greenway’s second grade class has an idea for you!

Keep reading for a fun way to design homemade Christmas ornaments!

MELTED PASTIC CUP ORANMENTS For this project you will need: Oven White or Clear Solo Plastic Cups Malee Greenway recommends to purchase the cups at Dollar Tree. Permanent Markers Ribbon Hole Punch or Hot Glue Gun

Steps for this project:

Draw on the outside of the cup with the permanent markers. Be festive!

Malee Greenway advises if you want to write words on the cup, write it on the bottom of the cup and not on the sides of the cup.

Punch a hole through the side of the cup, so later you can tie a ribbon through to hang on the tree. (Or you can use a glue gun to add the ribbon to the cup afterwards.)

Cut the edges off the rim of the cups and place them on a silicone baking mat. Then put them into the oven at 375 degrees.

Within a few seconds the cups will start to collapse.

It will take a couple of minutes for them to melt completely flat. Watch it closely.

Once flattened, take the ornaments out of the oven. Use a non-stick flat spatula to ensure that they don’t curl up.

Give it time to cool.

Finally, add a ribbon and hang on your Christmas tree.

This simple Christmas craft can be fun for the whole family. Enjoy!

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