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Inspire Excellence at SCES

We inspire excellence at St. Cyprian’s Episcopal School!

Whether it is in our aeronautics program, fine arts studios or environmental science gardens, students are offered opportunities to experience the world around them in engaging and creative ways.

The Lion Fund is an annual fall semester appeal seeking necessary operational support that enhances every aspect of St. Cyprian’s Episcopal School. These tax-deductible gifts are put to use immediately and have a direct impact on our students’ education experiences. Because of the broad reach of these donations, we encourage support of this fund as a giving priority.


  • Adds to our ability to maintain and expand student extracurricular offerings;

  • Allows for investing in new technology, the arts, and athletic programs, thereby offering a more complete and well-balanced St. Cyprian's Episcopal School experience;

  • Enhances our ability to offer more competitive faculty salaries and meaningful professional development opportunities so that St. Cyprian’s Episcopal School may attract and retain talented teachers; and

  • Provides need-based grants to deserving students.

Join us in continuing this legacy of excellence by contributing to the annual Lion Fund today.

Click HERE to donate to the Lion Fund!

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