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School News

A Letter from
the Board

April 25, 2024


After extensive research and prayer, St. Cyprian’s Board of Trustees has made the difficult decision to discontinue our high school program at the end of the 2023 – 2024 academic school year. This decision comes after a thoughtful analysis of the school’s financial challenges and population size.


St. Cyprian’s is committed to ensuring a smooth transition for all affected students and staff. Our administration continues to meet with the high school families directly impacted, developing tailored programs for upperclassmen to graduate from St. Cyprian's in the upcoming 2024 – 2025 school year through a hybrid/online program. Families with incoming freshman and sophomore students are being supported through partnerships with surrounding schools to find the best fit for their child.


We extend our deepest gratitude to the teachers, administrators, parents, and students who have been a part of our high school program over the last five years. 


A decision like this often yields many questions, and we are committed to being as transparent as possible throughout the transition. Please see answers to some of the most common questions we’ve received to date, and do not hesitate to reach out for further information. 




Board of Trustees

St. Cyprian’s Episcopal School

Why is this news just now being shared, at the end of the school year?

While there is never a good time to announce a partial school closure, the Board of Trustees and our administration needed ample time to explore all options after being made aware of the current financial strain derived from our high school program, and future projections, in the Fall of 2023. This April, the Board held an emergency session to make a final decision on the matter, ultimately voting to close the high school after the current academic year in order to maintain high-quality preschool, lower school and middle school programs. 

If we knew having high school wasn't sustainable, why expand the school  through 12th grade to begin with?

The decision was made in 2019 to add a high school program to St. Cyprian's after increasing interest grew from both inside St. Cyprian's and among our community. However, we did not account for a global pandemic (COVID-19) and the financial hardships brought upon our school in the subsequent years. We are unable to financially find a way to sustain a high school program long term at this time.

Why wasn't the community given a chance to raise money to keep the high school open?

After carefully reviewing our current finances and future projections, the Board of Trustees felt sustaining a quality high school program was out of reach. 


St. Cyprian's Lion's Fund remains open for families and community members to donate year round. These tax-deductible gifts support operations and school enhancements.

By cutting the high school program, are we saving money?

By shifting our focus back to our preschool, lower school and middle school programs, we will remove a significant deficit from our budget that was being incurred by the high school program. 


The mission of St. Cyprian’s Episcopal School remains to be a community of learners where students are challenged to achieve their highest academic, spiritual, creative and physical potentials in a Christian setting. 


 Shifting our focus back to our preschool, lower school and middle school, we aim to enhance our curriculum, through more enriched programs for students.  

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