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Meet Karlye Lewis

Wanting to make a difference in the lives of young learners is the reason Karlye Lewis became a teacher.

“I have found a passion for teaching and being in a classroom,” she said.

Karlye is one of the newest faces on campus at St. Cyprian’s Episcopal School where she teaches 3K. She said her favorite subject to teach is math, and her favorite part about teaching is watching her students explore what they’ve learned in the classroom.

Keep reading to learn more about Karlye Lewis and why she became a teacher at SCES.

SCES: Tell us about yourself.

Karlye: My name is Karlye Lewis, I have a sweet husband named Andrew and a 10-month-old baby named Miller. I was born and raised in Lufkin and love living in a small town. I graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University. This is my first year at Saint Cyprian's and I couldn't imagine teaching anywhere else!

SCES: Why did you become a teacher?

Karlye: I became a teacher to make a difference in the lives of children. I have found a passion for teaching and being in a classroom.

SCES: What is your favorite lesson to teach?

Karlye: My favorite subject to teach is math. I love math, because it's a skill you use every single day whether you know it or not. You use math to tell time, cook, and shop. It builds the ability to come up with a plan and strategies to solve problems. Math is good for the brain!

SCES: Why did you choose to teach at SCES?

Karlye: This is such a great challenging school with awesome curriculum and it's a major bonus that this school is centered around Christianity

SCES: What can students expect when they enter your classroom?

Karlye: Students can expect to just have fun learning. Learning doesn't have to be boring!

SCES: How are you innovative in your classroom?

Karlye: I create a space for all learners by creating a flexible learning environment.

SCES: What is the best thing about being a teacher?

Karlye: My favorite thing about being a teacher is seeing my students use what is being taught to them, hearing them use new words they learned, being excited to color with a new color they just learned, and seeing them get excited to learn numbers or shapes!

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