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Meet Tammy Simms

When Tammy Simms graduated from high school, she knew she would become a teacher.

"God called me to teach on the night I graduated from high school," she said. "If he calls, you follow."

Decades later, Tammy is still doing what she was called to do. She currently teaches middle school science at St. Cyprian's Episcopal School. Keep reading to learn more about Tammy and what led her to teach at SCES.

SCES: Tell us about yourself. Tammy Simms: I taught third grade for 29 years and math intervention for two years. I've been at St. Cyprian's for six years. I have taught third grade through eighth grade. I currently teach middle school science.

SCES: Why did you become a teacher? Tammy Simms: God called me to teach on the night I graduated from high school. If he calls, you follow.

SCES: What is your favorite lesson to teach? Tammy Simms: I love teaching anything involving building, creating, making, and learning by doing. STEAM projects are the best.

SCES: Why did you choose to work at St. Cyprian's? Tammy Simms: After an accident that almost killed my husband and me, I retired from public education and was led to St. Cyprian's Episcopal School by the Lord. When he moves you, you go.

SCES: What can students expect when they enter your classroom? Tammy Simms: I have very high expectations. I believe we will all need to work as if we are working for God. Everyone is expected to give all they've got and a little bit more. Learning by doing is also important - we make and create so many things. Learning by doing requires determination and perseverance - with those two qualities, we can do anything.

SCES: How are you innovative in your classroom? Tammy Simms: We have unique projects every year. No two projects are ever the same. We might build roller coasters or renovate items for the school. We might plan a school garden or plan a vacation for the family. STEAM projects are always exciting.

SCES: What is the best thing about being a teacher? Tammy Simms: Building relationships with kids is just spectacular. They know you see them, and they see you, and it makes all the hard work okay. Following God's calling is a blessing; following his plan and seeing him work in each kid's life is amazing.

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