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Get To Know Rev. David Faulkner

Every Wednesday, Rev. David Faulkner leads chapel as students gather in the pews at St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church as they sing, praise, and hear a message from the Bible. Rev. David is one of the newest faces at St. Cyprian's after moving to Lufkin in January 2022. He previously served in the ministry at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Terrell.

"It is my joy to serve as Rector of St Cyprian's Episcopal Church and School as I strive to fulfill my charge to, 'Care alike for young and old, strong and weak, rich and poor,'" he said.

This evening at 6 p.m., The Institution of The Reverend David M. Faulkner as Rector of St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church will take place at the church. The community is invited to attend the celebration. To learn more about Rev. David, SCES interviewed Rev. David to learn how he was called to the ministry, his favorite scripture, and what he loves most about Deep East Texas. Keep reading to learn more about Rev. David Faulkner.

Q: When did you realize you'd been called to ministry? A: I first sensed a call to ordained ministry when I was 12 years old at summer camp. That call was rapidly affirmed by my family and trusted friends, and I went straight through from middle school and high school to studying theology and church ministry in college and beyond. I can't imagine doing anything else. I'm writing this just before my 11th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood and am so thankful to serve God and his people. Q: How did you come to God? A: I grew up in a Christian household and was nurtured in the church from birth. My moment of coming to trust in Jesus personally came in the wake of my great-grandfather's death, when Jesus' work of defeating sin and death became very real to me.

Q: What is a God story to tell others to encourage them? A: We see God in big and small ways if we are paying attention. We were incredibly blessed to find our new home in Lufkin through a confluence of people and events that very clearly pointed to God's direction and provision. This was a great relief when buying a home on a very short trip to Lufkin. Q: What is your biggest joy in the ministry? A: Aside from the standards of leading worship and preaching, I really love equipping others to grow into their own ministries and seeing their joy in finding their place to contribute. At St. Cyprian's, we have so many people that have found their gifts and callings, and who share in all facets of the ministry of the church. Healthy ministry is mutual and not just clergy-driven, and we will soon be celebrating this new season of shared ministry with the Bishop at a special celebration of New Ministry tonight at 6 p.m. All of our St Cyprian's Episcopal Church and School family are invited! Q: With just a couple of months left of the school year, what is something you would want to share with the students? A: My mom taught 3rd grade for 33 years, so I can't pass on an opportunity to remind them to keep up with their reading during the fun summer months so they're ready to hit the ground running in August.

Now time for some more questions! Q: What biblical time period would you like to live in and why? A: The Book of Acts - it would be thrilling to see the early church grow rapidly and witness first hand the Gospel spreading like wildfire. Q: What is your favorite family tradition? A: A new tradition we've just started with my 17 month old daughter, Cora is a Christmas tradition of gifting something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read. We always want her to be confident that she will have her needs met without thinking Christmas is about accumulating possessions rather than the birth of Jesus. Q: What do you love most about Lufkin? A: Two things: 1. The people are remarkably friendly and welcoming; 2. We are so excited to raise Cora here with access to so many family-friendly spaces for culture, the arts, and nature that are open to all. Q: Who is your favorite person in the Bible and why? A: Other than Jesus, I find Mary to be an inspirational model of how God can do great things through us when we are obedient to him and open to what he calls us to do. Q: What is your favorite scripture and why? A: The prologue to John's Gospel - it is a brilliant and succinct summary of God's reconciling mission in the world from creation to Jesus. Q: Is there anything else you would want to share with the students and the community? A: I believe St. Cyprian's Episcopal School is a very special place with a bright future. We cannot wait to entrust Cora and her education to the faculty in a few years. I can't think of any higher praise to offer than entrusting my child to the school. We're excited to be Lions.

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